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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  November 11, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EST

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>> he was wearing sixers jersey the entire time too. >> little ai action. >> this bartender serves up more than just drinks but he saved a customer's life. you'll see heroic bartender's quick move right here, just incredible. we're happy that rain is moving out of here, but in the for long. >> yes. >> really nice this morning, thanks justin for that. >> yes, today is good. we will still have a a mild day, sunshine returns, great timing for veterans day. people have have the day off. get outside and enjoy it. we're talking about highs in the 60's. don't get used to dry weather. we will bring back rain in the forecast but nothing like yesterday. on outside much better morning. we could have a few slick spots but we are drying up nicely, some cloud link breaking up. a couple left over showers across eastern, new jersey and that is the the last of the steady showers from the storm system as it moves to the north and east. cloud still over us berks county, lehigh valley but they
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are breaking up. that is an indication we will see sunshine. good rainfall amounts but lesser amounts, farther north and west, philadelphia over a half inch, .65, gilbertsville, .6. half inch in bala cynwyd, chester heights little over a quarter inch. heading in to new jersey, south jersey got hit the hardest, new port 2.2. 1.71 in woodbine. inch and a half at ac airport. southern delaware, sussex count a long the the coast, over 2 inches of rain, two and three-quarters in bethenny beach, dover an inch have rain in wilmington .87. so far for philadelphia over 40 inches of rain. we are running 5 inches above average. temperatures right now helding low in the mid 50's. that is the trend this morning because of the cloud cover, dropping another degree or so. wind kicking up, it does feel chilly when we get that gust of wind, still damp outside. hour by hour, cloud around this morning we will give way to more sunshine late in the morning and in the afternoon, a nice lunch hour though we're talking about temperatures in
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the the lower 60's. the cloud do move back in tonight with our next storm but today's high 64 for philadelphia, lower 60's at the the shore. we will time out this next rain chance coming up in a few minutes but lets hit the road with meisha. >> thanks, justin, happy wednesday to you and all of you at home. if you are just waking up with us tacony a palmyra bridge is back down looking all good for traffic. boulevard is looking good this morning, coming southbound as we approach the schuylkill and jump on the schuylkill westbound at city after new looking nice. we can see quite a difference on the roosevelt boulevard as we push through this early 5:00 o'clock hour. ben franklin bridge, will be coming from new jersey, also looking nice and quiet, and, of course, you can see that sheen on the roadways letting us know it is still damp. speaking of that we had a couple crashes but first construction on the columbus boulevard north between oregon avenue and richmond street. one lane blocked there. now we did have this accident in the pennsburg that is clear at john fries highway. the that is good news.
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we had a car spin off and hit a guardrail at writ even house drive and lincoln square. this is still active. for those in and around this a area use your best discretion because it can be slippery out there. well, forget baseball there is a new world series champion in town. >> world series of poker that is. the big winner made millions of dollars and he is from our area too rocky that innings isers jersey, we love it. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is from parx casino where they both grew up and they both played there, good morning. >> reporter: exactly. the philadelphia area showdown, last night during world series of poker, main event, as you mentioned, the the two men who were left standing at the even of the the night both have played at parx casino before. this morning they are both millions of dollars richer, but only one can take away that coveted championship bracelet. >> river card, it is a deck. joe mckeon goes wire to wire
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to win the 2015, main event. >> reporter: analyst, called this years world series of poker main event the joe show and on finally night, the the 24 year-old from north wales, montgomery county delivered. >> mckeon been at the table, built the table and ran the table. >> reporter: mckeon held a overwhelming lead coming in the last night of the three day event and he never let it up. one by one he took down the competition until just 25 year-old marlton, new jersey native josh beck sat across from him, a at last championship belonged to mckeon. >> he had card every time he needed them. >> reporter: for the the last time mckeon won when he got lucky once again when his pair of ten, bet a set of four's. >> beckly's second place win earns him four and a half million-dollar, mckeon takes home 7.7 million. the champion, not keen on interviews during play had this to play after winning the the biggest poker tournament
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of the year. >> i feel pretty good now, of course. >> reporter: what will you do to celebrate this win. >> i think we're going to party. >> i think you can do a lot of that on 7.7 million-dollar. erika and nicole, interesting little tidbit here. according to the world series of poker web site mckeon learned how to play poker by watching tv, so how about that. >> really. >> you can win millions of dollars from watching tv. >> it all paid off. >> seven million-dollar. >> not bad. >> thanks, jan. well, fantasy sports fans are sidelined from the games in new york. the the states attorney general says popular daily fantasy site draft kings and fan dual cannot accept bets from new yorkers. the games are illegal gambling under the the states law. the companies argue the the games are not gambling because they involve more skill and luck. they have five days new to respond to the attorney general's order. are you thinking of seeking higher education at temple university?
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you are not alone. temple says application numbers are up 12 percent, the schools also had its largest fall open house over the weekend. an admissions officials say some interests has been spark by the national attention the the football team has earn. >> anytime we, as a program, can represent temple the right way and continue to be on national tv and show people just a little glimpse of this great university we're proud to do it. >> i love that. >> temple recently became test optional meaning high school seniors can opt out of including their sat and act scores. if you want to be a owl the the deadline to apply is march . >> that is terrific. >> i love the option not including your sat score because it is tough sometimes for test takers. 5:36. in business news a big retailer say they will not hang their christmas decorations just yet. >> and see how hottest shows from hbo, net flick and other services for free. >> oh, yeah. >> money watch's jill wagner
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joins us from the new york stock exchange. erika is listening. jill, go ahead. >> i love it. i love the reaction. good morning nicole and erika. markets are closed for veterans day. u.s. stock markets are opened. yesterday was milk here on wall street, dow jones jumped 27 points, nasdaq fell 12. all right. let the binge watching begin. t mobile is letting customers stream video from netflix and other services for free, this plan is called, binge on and it won't count toward mobile data plans. you will be watching, in lower resolution. tired of hearing christmas music? in september, maybe even august. so is nordstrom, this holiday shopping season the department stories taking a stan, there will be in holiday decorations, even local holiday music, until black friday the the day after thanksgiving, of course. nordstrom says they want to celebrate one holiday at the a time. toys are making a come
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back. u.s. toy industry expects to have the strongest year in a decade with kid, choosing actual toys instead of the video games and digital technology. that is because this year toy makers are doing a better job of incorporating technology into toys and also more toys are based on popular movies, and frozen, star wars, does that ring a bell? erika and nicole. >> anything with olaf on it, i'm basically in. >> from frozen, the snow many don't get it. there you go. >> we have heard of both of those things. >> you are not under a rock. >> jill, thank you. parents may soon be asking their children to pass the crayons. >> crayolas making coloring books just for adults. >> a trend we have been talking about for a few months now. the easton based company will sell coloring books and special colored pens also and markers at major retailers like target. crayola partnered with an
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artist to create these designs. it is very suiting. if you pick up a crayon with little jack it is calming you don't think to do it on your own but playing with the child and you see how therapeutic it is. >> yes, there you go. before you walk out the door this morning we are updating your top stories including latest on the search for dangerous carjacking suspect. also honoring our veterans special tribute to the troops at last night's flyers game including a moment that brought a fan to tears. we will also let you know how you can see another team in action tonight for free. and angels on the runway we are taking you behind the scenes of the victoria secret fashion show, hear from the new super models strutting their stuff, we will be right back.
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here's today's headlines on cbs-3. new this morning police say a fight led to a stab nothing cheltenham. it happened on the 500 block of davis road, investigators believe that the two are roommates. police in new castle county are looking for an allege carjacker, investigators say this man in it or range shirt right there also demanding cash from that victim. and the economy, dominated last night's g.o.p. presidential debate in milwaukee. ted cruz pushed for simplified tax can code, carli fiorina backed balanced budget and many rejected calls to raise minimum wage. this veterans day we are seeing symbols of freedom but an american flag in wisconsin has distinction of being the
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world's largest. the it flies outside, acute insurance, and the dimensions of this thing, 140 feet wide by 70 feet high. old glory as they call it flies on a 400-foot pole. there is also veterans memorial at the base of that poll. that is a big old flag. the flyers, paid tribute to veterans at last nights game, "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco shows us the special solute that the military that brought some fans to tears. >> reporter: ralph herman brought the wells fargo center to their fetus. >> the most amazing thing i have had in a long time. >> reporter: world war two veteran took his hat off to the crowd in the first period, shown on the big screen and was awarded his very own flyers injuries which his name and an honor that brought him to tears. he has been home for more than 70 years, and remembered it
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like it was yesterday. >> these young boys deserve all of the credit they get, yes, they certainly do. >> i'm proud to be an american where at least i necessity i'm free ♪ >> reporter: flyers took the the ice for warm ups in camouflage in honor of the military members past and present is a the national anthem was sung, military in the arena soluted the color guard, veterans of the past wars. >> i really respect, and world war two veterans they come back to things i came back to. >> reporter: cherry hill native marine pilot captain steven marrow, just got back from deployment, dropped the honorary first puck. >> you don't know what you miss until you are back like trees, grass, and of course, your family and friend, it is a blessing to have support. >> reporter: honor took place one day before veterans day on the 240th anniversary of the united states marine core, started right here in philadelphia. in south philadelphia, i'm diana rocco for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". the sixers are honoring our veterans tonight a at the
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well, they are giving free tickets to the game to all act i have and retired service members. sixers play toronto raptors in philadelphia, where they are still looking for their first win. remember what they say, trust the process. here's another free bye for veterans ihop is honoring veterans by offering a free stack of red, white and blue pancakes today. that sound good. offer goes from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. of course, proper military identification is required and if you don't have have id they will accept things like your american legion card or photograph in uniform. so you can find more veterans day deals on cbs philly to the come. i love to see people stepping up, businesses stepping up, to honor our troops. >> businesses giving our folks a day off to enjoy. >> i'm stepping up giving everybody a nice day today, dealing with this rain as sunshine does return and temperatures nice for this time of the year. we have highs in the 60's. the let's hit the neighborhood. this morning still some cloud around, a mist in some locations. temperatures holding lower 50's but checking with those
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rainfall amounts in the backyards, mount laurel, new jersey, in new jersey, and delaware hit hardest from this storm. over an inch at a quarter from carrie's house, .84 at lynn springer's house. willow grove, barbara lane .67. half inch in bat in north ham on county and .44 at perkasie john jenkins house. further north and west from the city those amount did drop off but some spots reaching 2 inches in delaware and new jersey. here's is what left of the storm on storm scan three. we have steady rain a across new england moving north and east. here is our next storm out across central u.s. not much going to show up. we have a rapid weather pattern. that system will intensify quickly have move east ward over the next 12 hours. we are looking at more rain in our forecast tomorrow. temperature wise this week hasn't been bad, even though we have had some cloud and showers, temperatures in the 60's. today will be warmest day out of the next five. friday in the weekend we will start to cool back below
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average, if you like that fall chill, we will like this forecast coming up. wind breeze think morning but they are out of the northwest where we are drying things out. high pressure will help break the clouds up, partly sunny skies. cloud move back in. there is the scattered showers in here, thursday late morning in the afternoon and then we will dry out for yourself thursday evening. look at these black pressure lines. tighter they are, more windy it is, it will be friday into the weekend so it will feel cold. wednesday, today, veterans day looks great. 64 degrees. partly sunny skies. if we have tickets to the eagles game sunday good football weather. cool kick off at 1:00 o'clock, 55 degrees as dolphins come into town. here's that extended forecast. we he will go from 60's to 50's for weekend but saturday and sunday keeping it the dry on the windy side. here's what is happening out there, meisha. >> good morning, everybody happy hump day to you. we have an accident out there 95 north exit ramp to woodhaven road. you can see pulled out to that right blocking the the shoulder but also that right
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lane and it is making everyone do a single file lane. it the is slowing you down. make note the that is still there. 422, taillights moving eastbound direction at the turnpike looking good but getting busy, still traveling at posted speeds in and around that area schuylkill at city avenue is looking good in the westbound direction. roosevelt boulevard leading up to to that is definitely starting to heat up a bit. then we have an accident clearing lincoln drive at win even house square that is all cleared up for those around that area we have construction here at columbus boulevard northbound between oregon avenue and richmond street, one lane is still blocked in and around that area. when i look around major interstates and highways looking g no major delays at the airport. back to you. city of branson, missouri is trying to get drivers to stop at a dangerous intersection. >> they are hoping humor does the trick. city is telling drivers really, you got to stop. >> okay. >> it is a humerus a a approach to a serious problem.
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they have say there are too many crashes a a at this corner and too many drivers roll right through it. drivers admit attempt at humor is worth the try. >> first time i saw it, i was like really that is huge. they need to light it up better at night though. >> it is all right, i guess. >> we're working with big accidents, minor accidents, we had one fatality accidents and those numbers have dropped substantially. >> city leaders say they may also add those flashing lights to the signs, but for now they are waiting to see if humor, works. it is a dangerous intersection and for some reason people aren't getting message why not change it up. >> maybe do a double take there. >> okay, really. >> i better stop. >> we hate to burst your bubble here but it is a sticky situation in seattle that is timely getting clean. workers are removing 20 years worth of gum from walls near pie place market. the local landmark you may say is getting wintry fresh preserving the the historic
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building. they cannot use a bazooka, it is all thanks, but it is 280 degrees of steam. tourist will to have take it in stride. >> dear goodness. >> one right have after the the other. >> this has to be the most adorable video of the morning, take a look a baby and, okay, takes his first steps. >> just looking at the baby panda. >> kind of struggling there but baybay made the move yesterday afternoon in the national zoo in washington. we caught the moment on camera. baybay got a congratulations hug from his mom. that is what happens. zoo keepers say baybay will start exploring his surroundings and begin his march to adult who. >> look at the mom scooping that up. >> his march to adulthood, baby jack took his first step, he is marching right on. >> my goodness. >> that is super cute. >> we will take a short break and we will be right back.
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i'm sure she will be getting plenty of it when lady gaga takes on frank sinatra she has been add ad to an all-star cast of singers performing at the concert marking what would have been
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100 birthday. some performers include celine dion, alycia keys and john legend. watch the special concert here on cbs-3 on december 6th. that will be awesome. >> absolutely. >> great list. >> soon after thaw can watch this next story which is terrific, sexiest night on television angels hit the runway for the annual victoria secret fashion show. >> sign me up. our sister station in new york takes you backstage for the glitz and glamour. >> reporter: behind the anticipated victoria secret fashion show a kick off to the holiday season with an over the top celebration of all things sexy. >> it is an honor to get for victoria secret, beautifully ranked and my first time wearing it. so thrilled, excited. >> reporter: before these angels grazed the runways backstage they spend hours preparing for the show. >> so much hair make up and body make up and glitter, and everything that you think is going on is happening right now. >> reporter: new angels this year kendell jenner and others
5:55 am
walking the show for the first time. >> it is honestly so insane to be able to from having viewing parties and ice cream with your friend and practicing the runway during commercial breaks to being in this room. >> reporter: for first timers to the veterans like adrian lima her 16th show as a victoria secret angel. >> i do still feel very nervous, because victoria secret fashion show every year, it has become a global phenomenon. >> reporter: which has become a highly coveted ticket for those lucky enough to attend and walk the pink carpet. >> i'm coming off a long season so for me being in new york what other better event to come to then this show. >> you have the prom and maybe your wedding, and victoria secret fashion show. >> okay. >> your wedding, your prom and victoria secret fashion show. all right. >> that was tracie, reporting. you can see more of the fashion show on december 8th
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on cbs 36789 it includes performances by week even, el lie golden and selena gomez. san diego bartender is hailed a hero for helping save a choking customer. a all this was captured on camera. the customer was eating aberg when got lodged in the throat. that is when the bar tend are jumps over the bar and gives him the heimlich maneuver. on the fourth try that piece have of burger came loose and that video has gone viral but patty the bartender is down playing the role as hero. >> it is something i did what most everybody else would do. he deserves all of the recognition. >> once he knew he was all right he went back to his lunch. it was the bass burger he ever ate. >> he is great. >> coming up next on "eyewitness news", almost like a bump it but for guys. wait until you see this. >> can't wait. we will show you a video that went viral from the university of missouri, here what the communications
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professor said to the student journalist that grabbed the nation's attention. in this weeks story of brotherly love meet a nine year-old girl with a big idea and a a lot of heart see how she's encouraging people to live nice, that is coming up. i to the acidity in any never thought about the coffee i was drinking having acids. it never dawned on me that it could hurt your teeth. he told me to use pronamel. it's going to help protect the enamel in your teeth. it allows me to continue to drink my coffee, and it was a real easy switch to make. thioh my god. friday. does anybody want to be part of this? nooooo. well, chevy has a better way, with black friday deals all month long. that's a great idea. what if you could get up to twenty percent cash back when you bought it? bam. twenty percent back? that's awesome.
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good morning, today is veterans day and we're soluting our troops. justin says there is also, in rain in your holiday forecast, he has details coming up. >> good timing on that. we're live overnight with violence, two men are rush to the hospital after an overnights stabbing but only one is expect to face charges. >> well, first of all, thank you for not asking me what i said in the tenth grade, appreciate that. >> so some laughs and tough talk on serious issues after republican presidential debate. we will wrap up highlights for you coming up in a few minutes. it is wednesday, november the 11th, good morning, happy veterans day. i'm nicole brewer. >> i'm erika von tiehl. lets check that veterans day forecast and the roads with meisha and justin, good morning. >> good morning. we are getting over the hump you guys. yesterday was no easy commute, today is looking fantastic, so far, thank you justin for some dry roadways. can we hang on to that all morning long. >> i go thet


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